Sessions with Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM

Astrology by Laura Eisenhower
Laura Eisenhower & Dr. DREAM for DREAM Team Sessions
Sound & Vibration by Dr. DREAM
Tarot by Laura Eisenhower
Multi-Dimensional energetics with Dr. DREAM

Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM combine their areas of expertise to facilitate a transformative healing session that affects all aspects of an individual's being.  Through the use of astrology and tarot, we are able to identify archetypal imprints and ancestral patterns that are getting in the way of a person's ultimate well-being, inner Sacred Union, and their divine blueprint.  Incorporating a wide array of tools and healing modalities into the experience, allows the individual, within this sacred space, to open up to a more expansive experience of their own True Nature. Integrating sound and vibration, and other traditional and modern technologies, is the catalyst for energies to be released and moved during the session. A re-balancing and energetic tune-up takes place within, allowing the spirit and body to fully ground and come into alignment.

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