We have been Blessed to offer these sessions, in our healing space in Ventura, and locations around the country..

"What a powerful team!! I had an AMAZING session with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM last weekend... It IS like nothing I have ever experienced!!! For me, the session helped move stuck energy and left me feeling lighter and clear! If I lived nearby, I would come for sessions at least 2x a month!!!" 
~ Helane Lipson

"Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM are indeed the DREAM Team. Their Sacred Union has expanded into a unique and precious alchemy of love and healing and the literal raising of consciousness utilizing a combination of technologies which are each expressions and tools of organic ascension using sound, precious metals, crystals, light frequencies, their phenomenal proprietary blends of the highest quality essential oils, divination, prayers and affirmations and most powerfully their own love, compassion and intention that we all reach Higher Ground. Each time I have made the journey, there has been a major shift out of the absolute torture, despair and listlessness that so many awakening Star Seed endure in the unfoldment and expansion of our unique and individual missions. I am that I am most fortunate among humans to have received these experiences."
~ Kelly Ebsary

"My wife and I recently experienced a sacred union joint reading with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Mark "Dr.Dream" Peebler. Laura and Dr. Dream work together with Laura giving a clairvoyant reading based upon our astrological chart and Dr. Dream all the while is giving a healing session.

My wife has a severe case of scoliosis that she has had since she was a teenager. Dr. Dream suggested that its cause was perhaps related to her parents constant bickering. She is now treating her scoliosis with essential oils.

My health challenge concerned peripheral neuropothy. Dr. Dream suggested that I am "stuck" and need to begin a creative outlet to get started in a new direction. During this reading we were introduced to Essential Oils which have had an outstanding result for us. Deep Blue essential oil was suggested to improve my neuropothy. In only 1 day my neuropothy went from pins and needles to feeling very close to normal with no pain. The main reason for essential oil success, in my opinion, it has a higher frequency than the body.

The bottom line is that when we left Laura and Dr. Dream we felt we were headed in a direction and a new hope to improve our physical discomforts. One of the things we were impressed with Laura and Dr.Dream was their enthusiasm and passion for hope of the future. We highly recommend Laura and Dr. Dream."
Bryce and Lisa

"I personally can attest that you will NEVER find anybody whose soul knowledge and understanding of human nature is as more DEEPLY, PROFUSE and PROFOUND as Laura's. Each clairvoyant reading she gives me contains at least a hundred different gems, each one catalyzing me instantly to an undeniable and deeper acknowledgment about myself and moves me through mountains of pain, which could've normally taken me a year's worth of work with several traditional therapists. Grasping my being from the inside and out like no other, she precisely and penetratingly uncovers the ever-so-subtle, hurt-inducing relationship dynamics that I easily can go into denial about."
~ a professional healer

"Dr. DREAM is an Angel in human form working for our Creator to bring more Love, Light & Healing to people ....as I have been there, experienced it, and am forever grateful for a God-send..."
~ E.A.. Costa Mesa, CA

"Laura, You have been my anchor, my hope and support through one of the hardest challenges I have gone through. You have helped me see things I would have been in denial about."
~ a client who healed from liver cirrhosis

"Dr. Dream you are very 'therapeutic' to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit! Thank you more than words can ever say!"
K.W., Costa Mesa, CA

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